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5 Responses to “MRI DVD”

  • Kelly K:

    MRI safety is very important for us to teach at our training facility.

    I’ve been looking for a site that sells a MRI DVD for safety training. I was glad to fine this MRI safety site. I’m looking forward to seeing the entire online preview.

  • Lisa Chars:

    Hope your company releases the MRI DVD soon. We are in need of a good training system. Our old MRI video is not up-to-date with the technology that we need for training our MRI students.

    A really good MRI DVD will e great for training.

  • Sheila Kemp:

    Can’t wait for the MRI DVD.

  • R. Givens:

    We’ve had a hard time, almost impossible time trying to find an MRI video. MRI Training is a very important part of our curriculum. We have 3 MRI scanners used for training purposes. This MRI DVD will be a welcome addition to our training

  • I’ve looking all over the internet for some good info about MRI safety videos. Really great site. I’m looking forward to seeing the safety DVD.

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